20th Century Women

Andy and Nic go to see 20th Century Women. On the way over they debate whether or not Master of None Season 2 should be projected onto the roof of the Sistine Chapel (Arrivedercia Michelangelo, it's time to put in an order with Dulux for a couple of tins of Wash & Wear). While on the way home, after coming up with a revised Oscars formula, they 'Ooh' and 'Aah' over just how right Mike Mills gets it with this love letter to his mother. Tune in folks, it’s yet another masterpiece.

20th Century Women 2.jpg

Get Out

Andy and Nic go to see Get Out. On the way over they talk Elaine Benes, Marnie from Girls, and what to expect from an American independent filmmaker. On the way home, they talk Get Out. A film about race relations, meeting the in-laws, and how everyone always gets along...

Spoiler alert...

No it ain't.


Personal Shopper

Andy and Nic go to see Personal Shopper. Things get spooky as we talk French arthouse phenom Olivier Assayas, intellectual giants of the Parisian experience Barthes and Benjamin, and the teenage vampire movie lady K-Stew all before catching this mysterious film about shopping and meaning and mediums and ghosts!



Andy and Nic go to see Logan. They rap on 20 years of OK Computer and muse on an alternate universe where people still listen to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and Them Yorke’s still jerkin’ it. While on the way home they get stuck in a multi-story car park where all the exits are fast food drive-thrus.

T2 Trainspotting

Andy and Nic go to see T2 Trainspotting. Was it Price Waterhouse or Freud who switched that envelope? Following a forensic audit on the drive over, the recommendation to hold the Academy Awards once every 15 years is reached, pending third party approval. And be sure to stick around for the return journey to hear two fellas grapple with their thoughts on a film about some Scottish blokes grappling with their feelings. And then some. Strictly to be ingested aurally. Choose life.


Andy and Nic go to see Moonlight. They cover, once again, the no laughing rule. No laughing. It’s the rules! And debate whether the new trend for stomach bile on one’s cardie is as boho chic as the trendsetters would have you believe. On the way home, they praise Moonlight for its searing exploration of those gold grills gangstas are so often portrayed as wearing. Like, are they replacement teeth or are they worn over the teeth, which is it!? Tune in to find out!

The Edge of Seventeen

Andy and Nic go to see The Edge of Seventeen. They spend a lot of time counting down their highlights of 2016. Like, a lot of time. Less charitable folk might say a self indulgent amount of time. But you know what?! Newsflash, dummies! It's 2017! Do you think people in 2017 aren't charitable? Guess. Again. They do, eventually, turn their gaze forward, to a new year, the road ahead, and Kelly Freemon Craig’s, smarter than your average, The Edge of Seventeen. Why not come for the ride.

Bone Tomahawk

Andy and Nic go back to Andy’s to check out Bone Tomahawk. On the way over they touch on 2016—good or bad?—Peter Sloterdijk’s Spheres trilogy and whether or not they should turn back to get Andy a burrito. Then, on the way home, they talk Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN, Bone Tomahawk, and why they don’t make em like they used to. Will Nic be able to stomach Bone Tomahawk? Will the buffering ever end? Will Andy get his burrito?


Andy and Nic go to see Arrival. They talk aliens that come in peace, English monarchs, and Andy’s ongoing Big Momma’s House trade embargo. While on the way home they talk Denis Villeneuve's latest, Heptapods and spoilers. Which is to say there are some vague Arrival spoilers, but also the gang is split as to the very nature of spoilers, maaan. Like, are they even a thing? Whoaa. The conclusion seems to be that aliens exist, while spoilers don't, or is it the other way around? Whatever the case, it's a movie about a linguist, so see if you can figure out what the hell they're talking about.


Andy and Nic head to the British Film Festival to catch Supersonic. They cast their minds back to Thatcher’s Briton, when ashen-faced orphans would sweep your chimney for a thrupence. Anyway, it was something like that. What did they care? They only had eyes for Oasis vs. Blur. So why not hop in the Movie Run concord and take a trip back, to simpler times—Knebworth, ’96, "the last great gathering of people before the internet", when charismatic narcissism was life-affirming.

Deepwater Horizon

Andy and Nic go to see Deepwater Horizon. On the way there they talk Gojira, Marky Mark, the Funky Bunch, and what Trump might mean for the Anchormen and the Jim Jefferieses out there. While on the way home they float some theories about what maybe should have happened to those responsible for the titular environmental catastrophe. 

Captain Fantastic

Andy and Nic go to see Captain Fantastic. On the way over they disagree on Springsteen, Ben Harper and Wes Anderson. But find some common ground in their pursuit of the philosophical and political import of pod favourites Euphoric Queenslander Memes. Then, on the way home, Andy tries to squeeze in some chat about the film as Nic rips Noam Chomsky a new arsehole.

Grant & I

In a departure from regular programming Andy and Nic go to see Grant & I. It’s a book! Robert Forster launched his memoir at Brisbane’s Greek Club and they were there to see it. The chat is wall-to-wall Go-Betweens as on the drive over, along with some sightseeing, Andy and Nic talk of reading about the band in Time Off Magazine long before they heard the music. Then, on the drive home, debrief on Robert’s story and the lives of young Australian men and women discovering bold new horizons. Eagle-eared listeners may even catch the beep of an electrical toll paying gadget as it clocks the bridge they named Go Between.


Andy and Nic go to see High-Rise. This one comes to you live from the Darren Lockyer Way, as Nic gushes over his current obsession, and favourite new Instagram account, Euphoric Queenslander Memes, while Andy fesses up to watching The Footy Show. On the ride home they find that High-Rise, while not without its charms, and after a promising start, doesn't quite make it through the uprights. Hollywood could really learn a thing or two about staying between the posts with a close study of Locky's Webcke-assisted, 2006-NRL-Grand-Final-clinching, field goal. But we digress. Get amongst it, legends!


Embrace of the Serpent

Andy and Nic go to see Embrace of the Serpent. On the drive over the two go horse-head to horse-head in the battle of BoJack Horseman. Two horsemen enter. Do two horsemen leave? Yes they do, because driving home the two do their best to find words that might do justice to the sublime Embrace of the Serpent. Spoiler time, 'sublime' is just one of those words. What others will they find?!

Embrace 4.jpg

Under the Skin

Andy, Nic, and Jamie go back to GOMA to catch art house sensation Under the Skin. On the way over they crack the Kimye/Taylor Snapchat phone call case wide open, this obviously takes several hours and they run dangerously close to missing the movie. They then drive home and try to make some sense of just what the hell is going on… Under the Skin! Nic also says there is no such thing as spoilers. While Andy would like to inform listeners that this contains some spoilers.