Andy likes movies. Nic likes getting out of the house. With Movie Run you ride shotgun on a trip to the local picture house with these old chums.

A podcast for anyone who's ever asked the question, "What do white dudes think about things?"

If this sounds like you, wonder no more! Just sit back and buckle up as Andy and Nic talk movies! and culture! and life!

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Exciting, isn't it?


"A podcast that makes me feel like the recipient of a pocket dial." - Senior Canberra Public Servant.

"I listen to a lot of podcasts, most of them are rubbish. This one is actually OK." - Silicon Valley Tech-preneur and Design Thinking Guru.

"I'm composing an angry letter." - Film Industry Veteran.

"Self-indulgent. Too much banter. Too many in-jokes." - Radio Trendsetter.